Container Handling Charges


We can lift off your container and store for a short time, we can lift it onto another vehicle or we can take it to the empty depot/Southampton Quay for you if we have a vehicle spare.                                                                      


If you have a vehicle in an empty depot coming out empty, ring us; we might need a container collecting and we will pay you to collect it for us.


Send an email to and we will help if we can.


Please note that we are not a container storage depot and have limited space.

Empty Container

Loaded Container

Lift Off                                                                            £45.00          £45.00

Lift On                                                                            £45.00          £45.00

Tranship                                                                         £45.00          £45.00
(vehicle to vehicle - both vehicles present)

Reposition                                                                     £45.00          £45.00
(turn or move the container on the same vehicle)

Storage per TEU per day or part thereof                    £20.00          £20.00
(please note we are not big enough to be container 
storage site, we have very limited space to store for
any length of time

Shunt                                                                             £100.00         £100.00
To or from Southampton Container Terminal or Pentalver
(subject to our availability)

Shunt                                                                             £125.00         £125.00
To or from Eldapoint
(subject to our availability)