How to Request Additional Requirements forms (removal of items from a vehicle)


  1. Log in to our online booking system 

  2. Click 'Exports' and then 'Review Data (Recent)' 

  3. Find the vehicle which needs items to be removed

  4. Scroll to the far right of the page and click the 'Sheep Dip' button

  5. Complete the address section if courier is required, alternatively click the 'collecting' box 

  6. Use the drop-down menu below the address box to request removal of required items (the default selection is 'Do Not Check' so only the items which need removing need to be changed)

  7. Click the 'Submit Selections' button at the bottom of the screen to submit the Sheep Dip form 

  8. The Sheep Dip will be completed by our staff, the form printed out and placed in a secure package with the items ready to be sent by courier (please note additionalcharges apply for courier) or collected

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